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Richard Maxim Walter, Dog Trainer

+ 34 722 15 54 74

Urban Dog Group Training Sessions

Wednesday 19-20:h





 PARC Güell 

Parc del centre de Poblenou 


We are meeting in the best parks of Barcelona where we establish a safe space to train and develop together.  
We are practicing everyday necessary skills with our dogs based on Urbane Obedience, and we are adding further exercises to make the sessions exciting for everyone (Loose Leash Walking, Nose Work, Recall, Agility, Impulse Control).
We have a maximum of 6 spots available for each group session to make sure we have enough time and attention to guide you and your dog during the training.  
In every 60 minute session (45 minute training + 15 minute socialization) we are covering the basics in a park and preparing ourselves for the busy streets of the city.
After preparations we are heading out for a street walk, where our takeaway will be solid and based on real experiences we acquire together.
Training language: Bilingual. English and Castellano.

Single session: 20 euros
Puppy Training Program // Adolescent Training Program // Special Courses

Individual  Training

human coaching



  • Sessions in your own home/area
  • A tailored training program
  • Written reminder after each session
  • Discount on future events


2x90' individual training session

+ 60' quick fix session

Everyday wellbeing.

Relationship, sinergies, solutions.

Working in your close surroundings with your everyday situations. 
With well designed training plans of our process in the beginning and written reminders / video documentations after every session. 

To have a deeper understanding and a long lasting development that makes everyone happy and proud, no matter if you are living together with a recently born puppy or starting your life with a rescue who already has experience, we are doing a follow up and a feedback session to make the process rock solid.


90' individual training session

+ 60' weekly quick fix sessions 

The Problem Solver

Obstacles. Process. Solution.

It can suddenly appear due to the changing circumstances or it was building up in there for some time just wasn't articulated enough. By now you can see the dark side on a daily basis, going out for a walk is exhausting and maybe you are feeling hopeless. 

Just take a deep breath, we are here to help you through the well needed progress with the most adequate methods.
With a well described written training plan at the beginning and weekly meetups working towards healthy expectations.
Together we will turn the obstacles into possibilities. 



90` individual training session

+ weekly online consultation 30

Stress management

Graduality, consistency, routine.

There is a huge contrast between living with our dogs 24/7 doing everything together and the massive absence of ours when we just go away, leaving our dogs in the unknown, on their own. Nowadays when human society is constantly changing in terms of our working routine, it affects the life of our dogs. 

To see the end of the tunnel we need a deep understanding of our opportunities, devotion and consistency so our plan can become reality.
We will help you to build up a system where your best friend won't suffer while you are away.


1 online consultation 60`

on Zoom with video recording

One step closer to the future
Hands down. Let’s face it, dog training is really just human coaching - helping people how to bring about behaviour change with their pooches. Years ago we were really attached to the idea of needing to physically see and touch the dog. However with all the necessary experiences through digital change we saw that there are certain cases where an online approach fits better the solution.
Not only is digital training more financially viable, it allows us to help everyone - regardless of their location.
The Flaneurs in Barcelona
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Andrea Forero
Andrea Forero
What can I say? Richard is 100% heaven sent and is a wonderful human being. Patient, super informative and a grand professional in his field of work. He took on the challenge of helping us train our reactive Australian Shepherd and helped us make her adapt to the concrete jungle we live in. Helped regain her confidence in the streets and make her a happy relaxed girl. We have learned so so much... from him in the last few months, in reality he trained us more than our dog. He is wonderful and has a gift for understanding animals at their core. We highly recommend him, especially if you have a dog that is having a hard time adjusting to the world around it. A professional with a kind heart and human approach. He has helped us immensely gain a better relationship with our dog and for that we are forever grateful and will keep his contact forever!read more
Benedetta Rotondi
Benedetta Rotondi
My dog Mellon has joined the midday walks with Richard about a year ago and before we had some group training sessions with him which benefited us greatly. What I love most about Richard and Maxim The Great, is how they shape the games, walks and inputs given to each of the dogs. It does not matter if the walk involves 3 or 8 dogs, you can be sure your dog's needs and personality will be taken... into account. Each will fit perfectly into the pack, having the role that they feel most comfortable with. Being guided into activities and games but never forced. Richard is a highly professional trainer with a very human approach. Positive reinforment is guaranteed for the humans too :) I cannot recommend him enough. Definitely someone to always count on. And, I have to say this, for the amazing service he gives in both walking and training, extremely fair prices!read more
Inge Dimphy Gooskens
Inge Dimphy Gooskens
So far I have had two online consultations with Richard to have some help dealing with the lockdown situation and some other behaviors I want to work on. I loved talking to him. He didn’t make me feel like I have a bad dog, or that I am doing something wrong. He is positive and gives amazing advice on things you can work on with your dog from home. When the situation goes back to normal I can’t... wait to have a face to face session!read more
Carol N-M
Carol N-M
We had an online session with Richard to help us cope a bit better with the current situation and to learn new communication methods and fuuuun tricks! Thank you Richard for your encouragement and empathetic way to approach each case. Certainly, See you soon!Totally recommend a session with Richard The Flaneus in Bcn! :))
Monica De Olañeta Girbau
Monica De Olañeta Girbau
Estuve muchos meses buscando a alguien de confianza con quien Asia pudiera salir a socializar y quemar energías. La búsqueda fue larga pero valió, y muchísimo, la pena. Tengo una confianza absoluta en Richard y puedo quedarme tranquila sabiendo que la trastito está en las mejores manos. Con él ha ido madurando y convirtiéndose en una perrita fantástica. Recomiendo sus servicios al 100%.
Anna Sallares
Anna Sallares
Un altre ensinistrador em va recomanar treballar amb el Richard. Em va donar confiança que tingués el respecte dels colegues, però el que va fer la diferència va ser el tracte directe. És una persona propera i empàtica, tant amb els gossos (amb qui té una conexió màgica) com amb les persones. Ens acompanya a tots de la manera que necessitem: proporcionant confiança i disciplina en la seva justa... mesura. Quan vaig adoptar la Sweet no era conscient del bagatge que portava però al cap d'uns mesos d'estar juntes va començar a mostrar signes d'ansietat. Les sessions d'assessorament amb el Richard i els passejos amb el Maxim i els altres gossos han fet que les dues estiguem més felices i super agraïdes.El recomano sens dubte, tant si el teu amic té algun problema com si, senzillament, vols millorar i aprofundir en la vostra relació.read more
Billy Gray
Billy Gray
Richard has been walking our schnauzer, Ron, since Ron was three months old, and has been an incredible help to us and Ron, who because of his time with Richard has become far more confident and better behaved during his walks, in addition to make a gang of new friends! Richard has also led us through training Ron, and the results have been fantastic, and quite fast. We could not recommend... him--and his excellent photos of the gang during their walks--more more
Maureen Mathiot
Maureen Mathiot
Richard is great with our little monster who is full of energy and needs a lot of exercise. He has a great relationship with every dog he walks and manages to be firm yet loving. I recommend him 100%
Jean Wall
Jean Wall
I’m from the US and today is Thanksgiving. We have a family tradition that before the big turkey meal, we all stand in a circle, holding hands and say what we are thankful for. This year, I would say that I am thankful for Richard! I started a full time job at the beginning of September and my biggest concern was leaving India home all alone during the day. But when we met Richard and he agreed... to walk India daily, I no longer had to worry. I know that India looks forward to walking with Richard and his team of dogs every day. She is safe and cared for by this lovely man who truly cares about her and her friends. I am thankful for Richard and his sweet sidekick Maxim! ❤️read more
Chelsea Anthon
Chelsea Anthon
Richard and Maxim are like a warm summer day filled with positive energy, kindness and pure joy. After moving to Barcelona from a pueblo my cocker Monti suffered quite a bit of shock and anxiety, however since working with Richard & Maxim he is in a much better place, feeding off their calm and positive energy. I cannot recommend this team highly enough.
Mercedes Lama
Mercedes Lama
Hace dos meses que tenemos la suerte de que Larry pasee todos los días con Richard y Maxim. ☺️Larry es un perro muy enérgico y necesita mucha actividad. Richard se encarga de que Larry expulse toda su energía durante su paseo diario. Entre socializar con otros perros, paseos largos, ejercicios donde trabajan la atención y sobre todo escapadas diarias al pipican para jugar a la pelota y correr... :)Al principio nos preocupaba mucho la idea de tener que cambiar de barrio y no conseguir a un dog trainer adecuado para Larry y sin embargo, un amigo nos recomendó a Richard y estamos realmente encantados. Estamos muy contentos y súper agradecidos!Nuestra recomendación hacia Richard es 100%read more
Nguyen Ania
Nguyen Ania
Richard has been walking our 2,5yo Linda for just over a month now. As she's a Pitbull with a lot of energy to burn, he has been taking her on bike trips, and she has grown to love his pup Maxim even though when they first met, she was trying to bite Maxim's face off � Richard constantly sends extremely good HQ photos and updates about how everything went without me even begging for it, which... doesn't happen very often with other dog-walkers. It brightens our day at work to see Linda being good and having a good time!Linda's behavior improved a lot since we met Richard, as she's a lot calmer and more obedient in general. We couldn't be happier � thanks Richard & Maxim!read more
Alexandra Isabel
Alexandra Isabel
When our regular dog walker had to undergo training for a new job, we were recommended Richard to take over walking Nala in the middle of the day. My boyfriend and I have full-time jobs and a super energetic dog who was born to run, so Richard was a godsend. Additionally, Nala was starting to have accidents in the house and Richard genuinely wanted to help us with her behavior. He regularly sends... GIFs and photos of Nala playing with Max, which really brighten up our work day. Thanks in great part to Richard, Nala's behavior has improved. We are so happy to have him now as our regular dog walker. Nala loves him and Max!read more
Georgina Ma Rose
Georgina Ma Rose
Elisabeth Salvo
Elisabeth Salvo
Richard and Maxim walk our energetic, difficult-to-handle Leia 4 times a week and we could not be more happy! Not only is Leia getting much needed exercise while we are at work, Richard and Maxim are great role models, and she is learning how to be more sociable with other dogs (we had major issues with puppies) and how to walk properly on a leash. Richard has my keys and I trust him completely.... He send us daily updates on their adventures, exploring different parts of the city together, by what's app. Best of all, I come home to a happy and TIRED Leia, which is just what I need after a long day at work. If you think a dog walker could make your life easier, contact Richard. You won't regret it :) Thank you Richard and Maxim!!!read more
Lujzi Tar
Lujzi Tar
Sziládi Szabolcs
Sziládi Szabolcs
Eszter Málnás
Eszter Málnás
Zsuzsa Mekler
Zsuzsa Mekler
Ákos Varga
Ákos Varga
Daniel Mayer
Daniel Mayer
Flaszterkoptató Betyár Foxi
Flaszterkoptató Betyár Foxi
Fogadott tesó.
Lukács Áron
Lukács Áron
Excellent service, very good prices, 10/10 saliva production!
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At home, on the street, in the park

Our methods help you communicate with your dog, strengthen your bond and facilitate learning. Whether basic manners or more serious behavioral concerns, regular, good quality training creates an enthusiastic student who trusts their guardian and is keen to learn, adapts its life to ours 
Every dog is unique, every situation is different.
There are similarities in cases and possible treatment processes in the short and long term. You tell us what makes your relationship unique, we will help you to find the adequate solution to bring it to the next level.
We focus on the mutual understanding.
Our work mainly focuses on the relationship between dogs and their people based on mutual understanding, trust and respect, so we can rely on each other even in the most complex situations, so that our bond can be an open, never ending source of happy synergies.
The quality of this relationship is one of the most important segments within the personality traits of dogs, so to discern the circumstances of the four legged individual we intend to collaborate with and we are keen to augment the knowledge and responsibility of their people.


We want to make our dogs proud of themselves. Because everyone needs a purpose in life. Our dogs are relying on us, so we can help them fulfill their hunger for achievements.
We only have to listen to them, showing us what they are keen for.
We love long lasting relationships
Throughout the years we saw so many youngsters finding their paths to become stable adults. It's fascinating to see the glowing pride in their humans`s eyes in the meantime. This is why we create a constant feedback circle with our clients to assure us all that everything is going the right way on a long term, and everybody is happy with the steps that we are taking together..
We build these relationships on mutual trust, honesty and reliability so we can all get what we want.
We act with the spirit of presence
If you work with dogs, it's maybe the most important to see the world with their perspective. To be present, to live the moment. This is why we are dependent on our dogs activities, guiding them adequately so they can find the best decisions possible in every situation.
We facilitate individuality
There is no one best way to handle every situation. Every dog is unique. Throughout their lives they built up long sequences of experiences, traits that are mixing up in their characters. While they also all certainly have specific needs due to their breed, age or gender
So according to these differences we are always looking for the most suitable methods and tools to handle these individuals in those situations.
We bring nature close to modern society
In the last few decades our dogs have become more and more part of our families. While enjoying their companionship, we have to give them all the possible opportunities to be dogs. To experience the world in the natural way. To live the consequences of their own decisions in a controlled manner. To find their own balance, their meaning of life. Because without a purpose we can give them all our love, there will be something really important missing. 
To feel themselves grounded. To be proud of themselves..


Crazy little pup 


Emotional support dog



Big Brother


The never ending source of fairy power.

Adopted from Cornella.

The princess of our hearts.

The quarterback of the Marvelous Midday Team 

About Us

Hey, my name is Richard and since 2016 I started working with my soulmate, Maxim to help other dogs and their humans to live happy lives.
In 2018 I became a certified dog trainer and dog behavior consultant in Barcelona and I am part of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, APDT.

I'm not only a dog trainer but I coach people on how to co-live in harmony with their pooches both in specific situations and on a long term basis by providing individual and group training sessions.

My passion for learning about the behavior of dogs and their people grows daily.
I continue to invest in my studies and I am currently working on my Certification for Professional Dog Trainers, CPDT-KA assessment.

Meanwhile I continue to train and coach hundreds of diverse dogs and their people both in Barcelona and all over Europe via online consultations. 


Richard +34 722 15 54 74

The Flaneurs 

your trusted coach in dog training in Barcelona and online